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1. I have Housemaid. Do I still need your service?
Daily cleaning by your Maid does not includes those critical area due to lack of knowledge / Expertise. Not attending these area for months may lead to breeding of bacteria causing different diseases. Our trained KHFM Cleaning Solution experts latest cleaning equipments, Eco Friendly chemicals & Techniques to clean your critical areas.
2. How to book your service? How much time it take?
Book a Service You can book our services just by calling 9987574333 or click on our website or email us at sales@khfm.in.
3. Can I opt for Annual Contract with Monthly services?
Yes, we can offer you Annual Package with monthly service with free Annual Pest Control Service.
4. Is your team verified & trusted?
Yes. All our team members are police verified & trained in hygiene and safety.
5. How can I Gift your Service?
Just Dial – 9987574333 and give address / contact no. of person to whom service to be gifted. We will surprise them with special gift as well.You can gift our KHFM Cleaning Solution solutions on occasions like wedding, Engagement, Birthday Parties, anniversaries etc or Festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Eid etc.
6. Is there any Rewards for referrals?
On your every referrals gets 10% discount on your next service if your referrals gets services from us.
7. Can you customize your service on the basis of our requirement?
Yes. We can customize as per your requirement.
8. Is your service safe to Sr. Citizens, Small children’s, kids, pets. Etc?
Our service doesn’t inconvenience any one. We ECO Friendly and safe chemicals. All our technicians are trained. However, we advice you to keep away, children’s & pets away from the area being serviced & their interference may disturb our cleaning technicians and my dilute quality of service.
9. Which are Cities you provide your services?
At present we are providing our services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel.
10. How much time it takes to clean a flat?
For a 3BHK it takes only 5 hours for our trained cleaning technician with steam cleaning.

Always use Eco- Friendly Services & Save our Nature