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Eight Things to Consider before Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services in Mumbai

Professional house cleaning services, Mumbai, do not come cheap, considering that they undertake the cleaning of the entire premises. This may cause you to conclude that it would be better to do everything by yourself. However, there are nooks and crannies that you may overlook, places that you cannot handle so well, and so on. Therefore, it would be best to hire such a service, if not always, at least, occasionally, albeit after checking out certain considerations.

Make a List

You should be able to find a list of house cleaning services, Mumbai, on the Internet. Make a list of five or more establishments, deciding to check them out one by one. In case, these five do not meet your standards, you may hunt for others later. Check Public Opinion

The best way to do so would be to go through reviews and testimonials. You should be able to find them easily enough via search engines. In case, a specific establishment is new, you may not find too many reviews about them.

Then again, if an ‘old’ establishment has set up a Facebook account, you should be able to find out something about them by perusing the site. In fact, many businesses consider this popular social networking website as one of their best tools for reaching out to people.

Contact Them

How long has this particular company been in the business? Do contact it by phone or email, to get some of your queries clarified. For instance, how long have their employees been with them? Longevity (being with the company for at least a year or so) indicates that the cleaners are indeed professional in their work.

Treatment of Employees

If the company treats its employees well, it will reveal itself in the way the cleaners go about their tasks at your house! However, this is your first time. A close friend, co-worker, neighbour, etc, who has used this particular establishment’s services before, should be able to tell you more. Even better would be a personal recommendation of a specific house cleaning services, Mumbai!

At the same time, find out the management has conducted background checks of their employees. No one should have a criminal record, even in the past. After all, you entrusting your entire house to them, even if it is only for a day or more!

What about Insurance

It would be good to go for an insured and bonded company, in comparison to someone, who promises good services, but no insurance. You never know what will happen when strangers ‘invade’ your home with all manner of cleaning equipment and materials! Things may get broken at times, property damaged, or valuables go missing.

Quality Control

Find out if the establishment believes in maintaining a quality control procedure or not. If yes, there may be a Team Leader in place to keep an eye on how things are going. Sometimes, team members keep a check on one another. At other times, a manager may walk in casually, to conduct a random check.

Furthermore, the company should be able to provide a guarantee for the tasks undertaken. For instance, if you were to contact them within 24 hours, since you have noticed something amiss, would they be willing to send people to correct the issue, or not?

Products and Equipment

What kinds of products do house cleaning services, Mumbai utilise? Find out if they are environment-friendly, safe for pets, kill germs, etc. You need to know about them, for you may have allergies to certain ingredients. Then again, ask the company if they will bring along their own products, or does it expect you to supply your favourites.

Now, it would be best to have your own, functional vacuum cleaner in place. True, every company does provide a vacuum cleaner. However, there is no guarantee that the cleaner is still not holding mould, mites, or allergens in place! After all, it has been active in many homes, other than yours!


What kind of regular services does your selected establishment provide? You must know what exactly you are paying for, when you request services. In case, you want some additional ones, find out how much each one costs. Also, check if you have to pay by the hour, per task, or per visit.

Then again, you may decide to handle certain tasks yourself, and leave the rest to the professionals. In such a scenario, your budget will become more affordable. At the same time, do not be excessively stingy while shelling out money for a professional, once-in-a-while job! Do remember that expensive establishments pay their staff well, offer benefits to regular customers, and have the job completed with the aid of quality products and equipment.

Some establishments offer flexible schedules, to ensure that you can be at home to monitor everything personally.

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