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March 13, 2018
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Office cleaning services Mumbai is one of the services that is used by many people in Mumbai. There are so many commercial buildings and it is necessary to have the office cleaning services so that the work in the office goes smooth. Just to meet the needs of the customers, the office cleaning service providers are trying to add the right services to their list. You also have some companies which will provide you these services in odd hours so that your work does not get disturbed.

Before you hire the Office cleaning services Mumbai, it is good to check if they offer these set of services or not.

Daily cleaning of office:

Your office will be cleaned on daily basis and it is going to be the general cleaning of the office. Cleaning off the trash, dust bins, vacuum cleanings, cleaning the sinks and tables of the work place are included in the daily cleaning process. If it is a big office, it is going to take more time and if it is a small office then usually, it will be done in an hour.

Kitchen cleaning:

The kitchen of the office should be cleaned by the Office cleaning services Mumbai. All the utensils of the office, the fridge, oven and all other things that will be used by the office staff daily should be cleaned and kept ready for the employees to use.

Carpet cleaning:

Yes, when it comes to office cleaning, it is not just the tables and chairs that are to be cleaned. You will have to make sure that the carpets are also kept clean. This carpet cleaning includes two things like cleaning the surface of it on daily basis and monthly cleaning with water or dry cleaning. This way hygiene will also be maintained in the office.

Windows and window panes cleaning:

The windows and window panes of the office are to be kept clean. This may not be done on daily basis but they will be cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis based on the contract signed by the company and the Office cleaning services Mumbai.

So, these are the most important things that are required in the office cleaning company and you will have to make sure that these services are being offered by the company that you choose.