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Some essential features to look for when you are hiring Home Cleaning Services Mumbai.
May 7, 2018
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In this busy lifestyle people don’t have time for anything, not even to clean and maintain their house. So to help you we have come with the new services called Home cleaning services. In this home cleaning services we not only clean the house we also have the services like housekeeping and home maintenance.


  • Housekeeping services:

In housekeeping services we have different cleaning services like:

  1. Quick cleaning:

The services given in quick cleaning includes only cleaning the floor like sweeping and swabbing the floor.

  1. Window cleaning:

Get your windows cleaned by professionals. The process includes vacuuming, removing the dust and cleaning the glass.

  1. Bathroom cleaning :

In this service we clean the bathroom completely with the help of cleaning agents.

  1. Sofa and cushions cleaning :

Get your sofa cleaned by the professional cleaners high quality equipment’s are used to clean the sofas and cushions.

  1. Maid service:

Maid services are for those who want a maid to come regularly to their home and clean the house.

  1. Deep cleaning :

In deep cleaning services all the above services are provided at once. This service is also called as combo services where we clean the fan and hanging lights, we remove the dirt from the gas stove, we clean the toilet, we clean sofas, and we clean windows and the refrigerator too. This cleaning process is done by experienced professionals and high end machines

  1. Tank cleaning:

We provide water tank cleaning services. We also undertake underground water tank cleaning services.

  1. Garden cleaning:

In garden cleaning services we provide services like cutting the plants, removing the weeds and trimming the plants by professionals.


  • Home maintenance:

We also provide home maintenance services where we take care of maintaining your household things. Some services are:

  1. Pest control:

We provide pest control services for house, offices, hotels and restaurants.

  1. Plumbing services:

In plumbing services we clean the drain, test the backflow, and check for any leak or repairs in sinks or toilets and residential plumbing.

  1. Electrical services:

We also provide electrical services like checking the flow of the electricity, check electric switchboards, circuit boards, installing of any electrical equipment.

  1. Carpentry services:

We will also provide carpentry services if needed. For example, if you have any type of work like wooden window or door our home cleaning services will provide it to you.

  1. Painting :

If you have any kind of painting work in your house we also provide that kind of services where our professional will come to your home and get the job done as per your desire and clean your house for you.

  1. Installation, repairs and cleaning of electronic appliances :

We also provide the service like installation and repairs of any electronic appliances. We provide wet A/C cleaning services and refrigerator cleaning.


We are trustworthy company who are into this business for many years. We know the perfect way to satisfy our customers. We have many loyal customers who keep coming back to us and also referring us to others. This is only because of our expert team who can exceed customer expectations every time!

Above mentioned are the services provided by our home cleaning services. The price depends on the services and the time taken to clean and the number of persons involved. Do contact us for a highly professional cleaning job! We can give you an instant quote so you can plan accordingly and book dates as per your convenience.