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January 24, 2018
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February 12, 2018
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We all know that keeping our house clean on our own is not very easy. So we try to engage each and every family member of yours to keep your house clean. We try to make them understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the house clean in order to live a healthy life. We tell them that making a schedule and assigning work to each member will help us finish the work faster. But even after doing so much, we still find it really very difficult to keep our house clean. It is a nightmare for some of us. Often we spot dirt and dust in little corners of the house and later we even forget to clean it. That is the reason why House cleaning services Mumbai has a checklist as well as particular rules to help you have a clean, healthy and attractive house.


  • Make bed– Clean the bed every morning after you get up from bed. Clean the bed sheets and bed covers and keep your bed clean.
  • Clean dirty dishes in the kitchen- Make it a habit to clean the dishes while cooking. Doing this will prevent piling up of dirty dishes in the sink of your kitchen. So every night before going to bed remember to dispose the leftovers and clean the dishes.
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom floors-Mop the kitchen and bathroom floors every now and then with a damp cloth and a detergent.
  • Clean kitchen sinks and bathroom– Scrub and clean the kitchen sinks and bathroom well. Remove dirt and stain from the pore and make your kitchen sinks and bathroom shine like before. House cleaning services uses scrubbing machine to clean kitchen sinks and bathroom and also a vacuum cleaner to make it dry.
  • Clean garbage disposal- disposing garbage is necessary in order to maintain hygiene. Every morning the first thing you should do after entering the kitchen is dispose the garbage and keep the garbage disposal clean daily. Ask any one of your family member or your husband to help you with this and if you are staying alone in a rented apartment, then you can take help from cleaning services Mumbai as they will provide a great and satisfying service.

Every week

  • Clean mirrors– Use a spray bottle and cotton cloth to clean the mirrors in your bedroom and living room once every week.
  • Clean furniture– Dusting and wiping of furniture including all the chairs and tables in your living room and bedroom should be done.
  • Clean curtains- Dry clean all the curtains in your house. You can clean all the living room curtains once a week and all your bedroom curtains on the weekend.

Every month

  • Wash pillows- Use warm water and soap to clean the pillows. Dry them well and then place them accordingly in each room.
  • Clean the refrigerator- Use a damp cloth to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator every month.
  • Clean chimney- Take professional help from house cleaning services provider to clean the chimney in your kitchen.
  • Clean windows- Dust and dirt appear on the windows. Hence you should clean the windows once or twice very month.
  • Clear the gutters- The best way to clear gutters is to seek out professional help. Gutters should be cleaned in order to have a healthy environment around your house.

Other than this you can avail House cleaning services to make your bedroom and living room super clean. The following services are offered by them:

  • Cleaning of clutter to prevent insects from finding a place to burrow.
  • Mopping of floors and keeping the floors clear of clothing and shoes.
  • Testing and cleaning smoke alarms every year.

House cleaning services offer following services to keep your kitchen clean:

  • Cleaning of stove and oven.
  • Cleaning of kitchen exhaust fan.
  • Keeping the kitchen free from pest by using the best pest control products.
  • Fixing leaks in the kitchen.

For keeping the bathroom clean, the following services are offered by cleaning services team:

  • Cleaning of the bathroom exhaust fan.
  • Cleaning of windows and doors.
  • Mopping of bathroom floors.
  • Cleaning of the sinks and shower.

To keep a house healthy, you should also keep the exterior areas of the house clean. House cleaning services Mumbai also offers services to keep the outside areas free from dust.

  • Fixing of exterior cracks and holes.
  • Fixing leaks.
  • Keeping the gutters clear and using a lid for covering trash.
  • Cleaning the septic tank clean every month.

So whenever you see dust and dirt anywhere, do not wait just go forward and clean it. Clean your house, maintain hygiene and live a healthy life.